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Leech Lake Brewing is Closing

Courtesy of Leech Lake Brewing's Facebook page.

Courtesy of Leech Lake Brewing’s Facebook page.

Sad news from the Walker, Minnesota area. According to their Facebook page, Leech Lake Brewing Company wasn’t able to get the investors needed to expand the brewery, so they’ve decided to liquidate.

As you’ve no-doubt assumed, the $1000 limitless growler offer didn’t meet with enough… exuberance… to be adopted. So, LLBC’s assets are being liquidated, and the brewery will close once the last ounce of beer is poured from the taproom. The existing inventory will continue to be bottled and sold to liquor stores while it lasts, but I will no longer supply to draft accounts.

To those of you who expressed interest in the limitless growler offer, thank you very much! Your support for LLBC is appreciated more than you know. Sorry I couldn’t “brew up” more participation. Cheers, and take care…

We wish Greg the best in his future endeavors. Though craft beer continues to grow, Leech Lake’s closing is a reminder that a brewery is a business and a challenging one at that. It’s been said that the best way to make a small fortune in the brewing industry is to start with a large one… and with the success and growth in the industry, sometimes we look at things with amber-colored glasses.

Inevitably, some breweries in Minnesota will not succeed. We consider brewery folks to be friends, so it’s while it’s no fun to see them take a hit, the fact remains that as a business owner, the odds are against you. Stay strong brewery friends. We’re here for you.


  1. David Berg says:

    Never met Greg nor had his beer, but it’s always sad when a brewery closes. But this really isn’t new. I recall reading on these very pages about breweries closing. And I think those new to the scene have neither heard nor perhaps care about the breweries on whose backs we now climb.

    Maybe an updated piece on history, Ryan? Because I know you have nothing better to do…like stuff you get paid for.

  2. Ryan says:

    Enjoyed LLBC’s Driven Snow Porter. I will pick up more from my local store before it’s gone forever! Or not, if Greg finds similar work elsewhere.

  3. Karla & Dewey says:

    My husband and had the pleasure of meeting Greg and his wife Gina. We have been going there since they opened! Wonderful people and awesome beer!! Our favorites are Loon’s Eye Red and 47 North. Sure hope we can make a quick trip up there do a final fill on our growlers and toast them Good Luck!

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