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Let the Herkimer Take You to Bockfest

Here’s another option for a safe and sober ride to and from Bockfest. Like I mentioned the other day, The Herkimer is also planning on chartering a bus to Bockfest. A couple of cool things of note with this option is that they’re offering free beer on the bus and they’re in Uptown which may come in handy if you live in Minneapolis or western suburbs. In any case, here are the important details:

The cost will be $50 a person, which includes:
1) Breakfast
2) Coach bus to and from the Bockfest in New Ulm
3) Admission to the Fest
4) Free Beer on the Bus Ride

Breakfast is a buffet at the Herkimer at 10 am, with the bus to leave
shortly thereafter.

The bus should be back by 7 pm.

**Here’s the important part: We need a minimum of 35 people to make this
economically feasible, and we’re still a bit short. What we need are names
of people who will commit to go, assuming we make our minimum number. (Based on response so far, I’d say chances are pretty good we’ll run the bus.)

If you would definitely go on the bus, either email me with your name and
the number of people in your group, or call the brewery between 12-4 at
612-821-0101. We’ll let you know as soon as we make the minimum, or next
Monday (2/12) if we don’t.


David Hartmann
Herkimer Brewing Co.

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  1. Ben Brausen says:

    Bockfest starts at 11am. If the bus is leaving shortly after 10am and it takes around 2 hours to get there from Minneapolis, I don’t see how they expect to make it there til some time after 12pm.

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