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MNBeer T-Shirts are Niiiiice

MNBeer t-shirts

I just got an order of MNBeer t-shirts in… man, they’re quite nice. I’d always been a bit skeptical about CafePress, but the quality is really good. I have one of the organic cotton t-shirts as well and it’s Downy soft, my friends.

Jeff, Eric, Mag & Kris… needless to say, I have your t-shirts. We’ll have to organize a time for beers and distribution.


  1. mag says:

    Sweeeeet! Now I’ve just got to get my postings up to a level to justify that glorious mantle.

  2. TruthBrew says:

    Rock n’ Roll….looking forward to it. Super nice.

  3. al says:

    I like it…very swanky!

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