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Autumn Brew Review Teaser… Fitger’s Line-Up

Have you bought your tickets for Autumn Brew Review yet? What are you waiting for? Perhaps a teaser from Fitger’s Brewhouse would help? Here’s a preliminary listing of what the gang at Fitger’s will be sharing at Autumn Brew Review:

Apricot Wheat 5.1% v  18 b.u.
A marriage of fresh apricot juice and tart, tangy wheat. We make a light wheat ale and infuse the juice. A warm weather or breakfast delight.

Breakwater White 5.4% 22 b.u
A Belgian style unmalted and spiced wheat ale. Light and citrusy due to additions of coriander and sweet orange peel.

Procrastinator Doppelbock  8.5% 33 b.u
A German style strong lager. Malt driven with fruit esters and character derived from long aging.

ST IPA  (Superior Trail)  6.4% 88 b.u
The flagship IPA of the new Burrito Union restaurant in Duluth. A well balanced IPA. Very much a cross between our strong IPA’s and our strong pale ales. Dry hopped, hop backed and highly quafable.

Starfire Pale Ale
  6.0% 70 b.u
The full time pale at the Vrewhouse. Highly hopped very citrusy from the hop varities used. American malts and hops throughout. A true North Shore Style Pale.

St Stephens Abby 8.2% 30 b.u
Our Belgian style strong amber ale. Fruit driven due the high ferm temps and the Belgian yeast strain used. All imported malts. A raisin, toffee, bready, feast for the taste buds.

Peace Coffee Stout 6.1% 41b.u
Our friends at Peace provide the beans we provide the malt, hops, yeast and water. The result the perfect shot of flavor, alcohol, and caffine. Sweet.

Breakwater Blue  5.3% 16 b.u.
A special batch of Breakwater White. Brewed normally then 400lbs Bayfield Wisc, blueberries added to conditioning.

Special Limited Releases
Cask Ale TBA special pale ale

Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Boat Oatmeal Stout 
time TBA

Cherry Batch 2200

(the 2200th batch at the Brewhouse, this is our once a year anniversary beer) time TBA

Enjoy! I know I will!


  1. beachscrat says:

    Nice! Fitger’s rules! They always bring it strong to the ABR.

  2. ryan says:

    Yeah. Too bad I made the list up by myself…

    Kidding, of course.

  3. beachscrat says:

    Kinda like the Schell’s Zommerfest being made from lemongrass and ardennes yeast? 🙂 With power comes responsibility man.

  4. Joe Lencioni says:

    I’m really excited that the Peace Coffee Stout is back. I had some a while ago and it was so good… Went back for more to only be disappointed. This is great news!

  5. ryan says:

    Did I say lemongrass and Ardennes yeast? I meant honey…

    I had no prior knowledge of the recipe change, though.

  6. Dave says:

    Any suggestions for a good place to go for lunch before the fest starts? We always used to go to Brit’s when it was held at Peavy Plaza.

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