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O’Hara’s Has Closed

Man, this sucks… O’Hara’s was the first brewpub I spent any real time at, back in the late 1990s while I was attending SCSU. I’ve always thought they had solid, tasty beer. According to Chris (Laumb), their barrelage went up every year, but the brewpub biz relies on the restaurant side of the operation, and I guess the competition is tough in St. Cloud.

Here’s a link to the article from St. Cloud Times: … /105140073

I hope the best for Chris Laumb (the brewer) and everyone else that worked at O’Hara’s. Sorry to see another one go.


  1. lee J says:

    i’m guessing o’hara’s had a liquor license that required that x amount of profits to be in food sales, and they weren’t meeting that goal.

  2. Kristin says:

    O’Hara’s did not close because of any problems with a liquor license. It is not my place to say why they closed but I had the privelage of knowing the founders of O’Hara Brothers Brew and Pub. That place was Sid O’Hara’s life besides his children and grandchildren. It is hard to watch something like that go.

  3. Mia says:

    I worked at O’Hara’s in the late 80’s and It is a sad day for everyone! There will never be another O’Hara’s!
    I was stunned by the news of their closing. Tim was a great guy to work for, and Sid, he was one of a kind! So sorry to see you go. St. Cloud has lost a major landmark.

  4. B says:

    I also worked at O’hara’s – while attending SCSU in the mid 90’s – Tim was an @$$hole, but I have a lot of great memories about working there and the friends I made during that time.

  5. The Tick says:

    A shoutout to the crew of my day!:

    Senta (of a woman hoooooaaaahhhh!)
    Joshmo Bro!
    Long Hair Joe
    Regan (long live “the cork sniffer”) zor n cokes!
    Fat Andy
    Crazy Don the dishwasher
    Bowling Alley Dave
    Karate Don
    Jim C
    Scary Sherry
    Mary Jane
    Mac Daddy
    Dangerous Don I.
    M. Pichka my lord if a flatbed ford!
    etc. etc. etc.

  6. G$ says:


  7. Dennis Haro says:

    I worked for Sid O’Hara and his partner Herb Johnson from 1960 to 1961 when I was a student at St Cloud State. It was a 3.2 bar at the time and the best in town. I loved Sid and his family as everyone did. A fine man indeed. I was called back into the Army in 1961 and that ended my employment and good times with the wonderful people of St Cloud. Stopped by to visit the new pub in 1981 and Tim gave me a O’Hara jacket which I wore around the world until I had it taken from my boat in Hawaii in 1996. Now living in Cebu Island in the Philippines, I always wanted to revisit that location that I loved so much. Sorry the O’Hara family is not there yet.

  8. Ralph says:

    Any homebrew places in Cebu? I plan on retiring there in a couple of yrs and might start something up.

  9. Dennis Haro says:

    Hi Ralph.

    No homebrew pubs in Cebu that I am aware of. San Miguel is the brew of the Philippines. Great beer. However Budweiser is brewed by San Miguel also. I could not tell the difference between Bud here in Cebu or Bud in St Louis the last time I was in the states. Good luck on any venture.

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