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Summit Frost Line Rye Comin’ Atcha


We first told you about Summit’s new in-between seasonal offering, Frost Line Rye back in October. We’re excited to say that you should start seeing it this week. For those of you playing along at home, this beer is Summit’s fifth, tucked nicely in between Winter Ale and Maibock (..shhh! Hold that thought. I know some of you have already seen Maibock in spring samplers.).

Here’s what Damian had to say about the beer: “We’ve had our four seasonal brews for a long time, but as these winters seem to get longer and longer, we thought we would introduce a beer that helps folks make it to spring with their sanity intact.”

Earlier reports suggested that this beer was inspired in-part by Mike Lundell’s Unchained 3: India Style Rye Ale. Frost Line Rye will highlight the earthiness and spice from several varieties of rye and unique hops. Look for a little citrus, some floral notes and a bitter & dry finish.

How ’bout we drink some today?

Malts: US pale, US pale rye, US caramel rye, German chocolate rye, US flaked rye
Hops: Summit, Citra, dry-hopped: Citra, Experimental hop #01210
ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 55


  1. Frost Line Rye should be in stores and bars soon. Also on tap already at the Summit Beer Hall Fri & Sat 4-9pm (910 Montreal Circle, Saint Paul). Plus tomorrow night 1/31/14, Natedogs will be at the Beer Hall from 4-9pm serving his gourmet weiners and brats with Frost Line Rye mustard. Cheers, MNBeer!

  2. Trav says:

    This stuff is delightful-right on par w/ the old Unchained Rye. When does Maibock come out so I know when to really buckle down and stock up on the Rye?!

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