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Vine Park Update: Growlers, Trips

Vine ParkHere’s some info from Vine Park. Prague in Fall 08! Of course, lots more info at their site.

Quick Update! Last winter we predicted a Spring arrival for our growlers and then found we had a few more hurdles to clear. We have been working diligently with the City of St Paul and our path is looking very clear. As soon as we hit that finish line, we will drop you an email.

Beer and wine is a world industry and that means incredible variety for all of us to enjoy. Today we are announcing a wine from South Africa, adding to wines we have from Chile, Australia, France, Italy and even California.

We have decided to offer trips to the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Alsace region of France, and have considered the possibility of trips to Argentina, Belgium, and even the Pacific Northwest. All of these places offer unique cultures and beverages that have spread across the world.
Join Dan & Deb as we take 12 lucky travelers with us to Prague and explore the surrounding countryside for fun, beer, brewing, medieval cities, castles, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will have a chance to see how brewing has changed over six hundred years and sample the beer that swept the world: the Pilsner! We will take you to some of our favorite places: A world famous Beer Spa (google Czech Beer Spa), Cesky Krumlov, and beautiful romantic Prague! And we will see the renowned Pilsner Urquell brewery, enjoy fine meals, drink fabulous beers, and tour several cities.

Make it a second honeymoon, get back to your family origins, embark on a exploration of brewing, AND do it with a small group of fun people. We stay in nice hotels, never have to drive, have English speaking tour guides, and enjoy the lower prices of a European country not yet on the Euro; a situation that will not last much longer. AND while we do a lot of group activities, plenty of free time is scheduled so you can explore on your own or with a smaller group of new friends. Find the museum, cafe or shops that you really wanted to check out.

Details on this trip and our Trip to Ireland for 2009 (and more) are available on our website.


  1. mag says:

    Beer trips, huh? Whaddua think, honey, should we relive our honeymoon?

  2. ryan says:

    You’re not talking to Eric, are you? 😉

  3. mag says:

    No, I refer to Eric as sugarbear. You should know that, sweetums.

  4. Eric says:


  5. kris says:

    Honey is here…sure…the honeymoon was great and these trips probably are, too. Not too interested in the Czech Republic since the focus will be on pilsners but the Pub Culture of Ireland trip planned for Summer 2009 sounds intriguing.

  6. Dan says:

    Plan ahead as the Ireland trip has been talked about for about a year. With only 12 spots, I have had at least 20 people “say” that they are for sure going.

    While the Czech beer palate is limited style wise, they do excel at making them. Also, for many people, getting a spouse to agree to a beer trip means they can actually go. Its a beautiful country and a chance to experience a part of Europe that is still pretty reasonable in price.

    Ireland will be amazing too but it will cost a lot more to be there and to hoist a pint.

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