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Beer in the local news

…and in the center of things, Flat Earth Brewing Co. – there are some great photos of Jeff and the brewery in the latest issue of Metro magazine along with a nice piece on the hop shortage. One piece on brewing wasn’t enough, so they asked me to give them a small brewpub roundup and there’s also a piece on the “Best Pint in Town” that puts Surly Bender and Furious up against Rogue’s Dead Guy and Shakespeare Stout and Bell’s Two-Hearted and Oberon.

Not to be outdone, MinnPost has an article about Flat Earth Brewing Co. in today’s issue.

And finally, the March issue of Mpls. St. Paul is sitting on my desk and the reader poll is in for Best Beer Selection.  I tend to disagree, but then again, one can’t expect Mpls. St. Paul readers to all be as well-versed on good beer as you folks are. In case you’re curious, the readers picked Old Chicago, Happy Gnome, William’s, Brit’s and Rock Bottom as having the best selection.


  1. Alvey says:

    The second article in the Metro about the “Best Pint in Town” really annoyed me, Chris Freeman ought to learn a little about his subject before he goes off on his soap box next time.
    He is clearly showing his astounding ignorance of craft beer when he says things like “a new class of connoisseurs is attempting to take over the populist identity of beer and recast it in a language of nonsense.” and then continues with:
    ” Don’t pander to Wackos trying to hitch beer to the pedigree of wine.”
    He writes a lot more uninformed blabber but I just can’t bring myself to write it all down here.

    How embarrassing for him when one day somebody teaches him just how complex a Belgian Trappist beer can be, for example, or maybe a sour beer with brett. How silly he will feel when he realizes that certain beers do in fact go better with certain foods.

    If we are to listen to this guy then we should all immediately stop learning anything about our beers and revert to more of a frat boy mentality.

    Sorry Chris Freeman but that article was appalling.


  2. Eric says:

    Anyone have the link to the Metro article? can’t find anything on thier site….

  3. steve says:


    Sounds maybe a letter to the editor might be in order.

  4. al says:

    Give ’em hell, Alvey!

  5. Cecil says:

    I would also like to read that article. I can not find it either on the Metro site. Does someone have a link to post to get to it ? Thanks

  6. Alvey says:

    I’m guessing it won’t be on the website until the next issue is published.

  7. al says:

    I skimmed it at the newsstand. Didn’t read the parts that offended Alvey, but saw that they mentioned the Blue Nile, twice. I like receiving any notice in the press, but the second mention is flawed. We have not sold Rogue beers in several years. Maybe we will again, soon, so it’s all good.

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