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\m/ Bauhaus Hairbanger Returneth \m/

Kick out the jams, friends. Our friends at Bauhaus have brought Hairbanger back… and they’ve brought videos! (See above.) Hairbanger features toasty malts and a classic Belgian yeast complimented by big, citrusy, tropical American hops.

“We’ve been very excited to welcome back our dressed up version of an American Pale Ale,” says Bauhaus President and Head Brewer Matt Schwandt. Schwandt explains, “Hairbanger has all the refreshing, tropical hoppiness you’d want in a modern APA, but we’ve fermented this beer with a classic Belgian yeast strain that gives it an awesomely complex fruitiness. So really, it’s heavy metal by name only. In reality, it’s one crushable summer concert beer.”

Look for this in 16 oz. cans and on draft in the Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester and Mankato, as well as the Bauhaus taproom starting this week.